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Lyrics Dayak Ngaju Rusta Dewi - Kasanang atei huang

kasanang atei huang, angat bakamba kambang, aku tarus tabayang, kaka eka kasayang

Here are the lyrics to the song Dayak Ngaju from the capital city of Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Lyrics Dayak Ngaju Rusta dewi - Kasanang atei huang

kasanang atei huang
angat bakamba kambang
aku tarus tabayang
kaka eka kasayang

kasanang atei huang
angat bakamba kambang
cinta dia kan hayang
tulus jatun bacabang

duh abang aku dia tahan
amun sampai cinta kue balang
aku pusang
duh abang aku dia tahan
nyarenan angat je atei huang 

Youtube Dayak Ngaju Rusta dewi - Kasanang atei huang

Artist singer : Rusta dewi
Title song language dayak ngaju : Kasanang atei huang

Headquarters : Palangkaraya city, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The Dayak Ngaju tribe is a sub-ethnic group of Dayak descendants who live in Central Kalimantan. The majority of the Dayak Ngaju are concentrated mainly in the Indonesian capital city of Palangkaraya.

The collection of Dayak Ngaju songs on this simple blog emphasizes melodious sound quality, worked on by professional, handsome, natural, bajenta bajorah, neat, orderly, polite, good looking, and badengkoi works.

(Badengkoi is dancing together without shame forming a circle of a group of people who are describing the happiness of the atmosphere accompanied by orderly, by moving the feet and hands according to the rhythm of the Manasai dance, the distinctive sound and poetry which symbolizes the Ngaju Dayak tribe from the heritage of ancestors to grandchildren)

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