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Lyrics Christian + Music Video Bryan andrew wilson - This time #207

I’m not spreading religiosity, But I’m flowing with Heaven’s velocity, Bringing hope where there’s atrocity, And the truth where’s there’s hypocrisy, No longer ruled by the laws of humanity, Being freed from induced conformity, I’m waking up from the pseudo reality, Because now I know my true identity, I’m telling you

These are Christian song lyrics in the United States of America (USA) and internationally :

Lyrics Christian Bryan andrew wilson - This time

I’m not spreading religiosity
But I’m flowing with Heaven’s velocity
Bringing hope where there’s atrocity
And the truth where’s there’s hypocrisy
No longer ruled by the laws of humanity
Being freed from induced conformity
I’m waking up from the pseudo reality
Because now I know my true identity
I’m telling you

This Time, I’m not going to fear
The Time, I’m not going nowhere
This Time, I won’t run and hide
This Time, I won’t compromise
This Time, I’m gonna love harder
This Time, I’m gonna live smarter
This Time, I’m gonna be even bolder
This Time, This Time, This Time

I’m free from all the guilt people try to put on me
Self-inflicted wounds, I was my worst enemy
But I conquered that war, I don’t fight it no more
I’m free to walk through all these doors
Dancing, smiling, living, send the praise up
To the true King that’s reigning
I’m free from opinion, walk in dominion
That’s why I’m winning! Yeah!!!
I know God, He lives inside of me
I will walk with all authority

The past and people had me under mind control
By faults and failures, there were things that they were told
It seems there was no hope for my wounded soul

There were times when I didn’t want to show my face
But through it all, you still covered me with your grace
But I’m now I’m totally healed, through me your glory’s revealed
The emptiness your spirit has filled

Youtube christian music video Bryan andrew wilson - This time

Christianity in the United States of America and International. 
Singer : Bryan andrew wilson
Song : This time

Category denomination : Christian

Collection to : #207

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Psalm 33 : 3 

Sing to Him a new song, Play skillfully with a shout of joy.

Psalm 96 : 1 

Sing to the LORD a new song, Sing to the LORD, all the earth.

Psalm 144 : 9

God, I will sing a new song to You, On a harp of ten strings I will sing praises to You.  

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